As we become educated in the ways we can live healthier lives by consciously caring for our physical heart, it is equally important to be educated about taking care of our Spiritual Heart. The heart, both physical and spiritual are linked together as one in mind, body and spirit. Many believe humans are the connection between heaven and earth. We are the only warm-blooded mammals with our heart exposed because we walk upright on two legs, while all others walk on four legs protecting their hearts. Caring for our spiritual heart can in turn make our physical heart healthier.
What is the Spiritual heart? Some say that it is the link to our soul. As a healthy physical heart keeps our body alive, a healthy spiritual heart keeps our spirit alive. It has wisdom, an intelligence that knows the broader perspective of our life's purpose. The spiritual heart feels the emotions. It connects us to our passions, our heart's desires. The spiritual heart gives our lives purpose and meaning.
The spiritual heart operates much the same way as the physical heart. Both beat on their own, without us having to think about it. The electrical impulses of the physical heart constantly manage the heartbeat, exercising the heart muscles so life giving blood is cleansed and pumped through our bodies. The electrical impulses of the spiritual heart are constantly opening us up to the wisdom of our spirit, circulating the energy of our emotions and guiding us to live life with a deeper, richer purpose. When the physical heart becomes out of sync or when there are blocks in the passage ways, a heart attack occurs.
What do we do to prevent physical heart attacks? We strengthen the heart muscle by exercising to increase the pulse rate and follow this with relaxation. We eat foods that keep the passages open and flowing. The same is true for preventing a spiritual heart attack. We can strengthen the heart muscle by practicing meditation, prayer or quiet time, making the mind, body spirit connection. The "food" that keeps the channels open is the feelings and sensations we feel as these emotions surface. If we block our feelings and don't allow them to surface, it will cause a "blockage" in our heart, much the way blockages occur in our physical heart when we don't properly care for it. Asking the spiritual heart to cleanse the judgment, anger and resentment helps us feel more compassionate and loving.
Most importantly, when our channels are open, we are able to stay conscious and open to follow the wisdom and guidance of the spiritual heart. This in turn gives us the courage to take the steps necessary to express the True Nature of our Divine Self. Practicing these physical and mental exercises on a daily basis will lead to a healthier, happier life physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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