In his childhood and youth, Siddhartha Buddha lived in luxury, indulging in many pleasures. Later he became an ascetic, giving up that worldly life to find spiritual enlightenment. He then came to the Middle Path between the two. From the Middle Path he experienced desire, but neither gave in totally to these indulgences, nor did he totally renounce them for torture and suffering. This would be, epigenetically speaking, the best time of his life.

Our Emotions Are Our Sixth Sense
Our emotions guide us from one experience to another like a radar detector. Our first five sences give us input about our world, and our emotions then let us know whether this is where we want to be or what we want to be doing.

When we are joyful, and at peace we are totally in synchrony with our Inner Self. Otherwise, we are not. When we desire to go to a training and don't have the necessary money, we realize that more money would be helpful and our desire is transmitted to our Inner Self for manifestation, and growth. If we are bored with our jobs, we come to desire more stimulation and this is amplified to our Inner Self for expansion and manifestation. With each desire, we have an opportunity for growth.

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that we are a community of 70 trillion cells all working in harmony. Each of those cells is able to make a decision whether to move toward something or to move away from something in its environment. This is our gift as well. The difference is that the single cells make chemical decisions and we are given emotions for those decisions.

When we are in harmony, and experiencing mostly good and happy emotions, our physical resources gather for growth, health and reproduction. Our spiritual resources will gather for those things as well and support the physical. When we are unhappy, stressed or fearful or angry, our physical resources move to the back of our brain and to our muscles and bones for physical response and resources are taken away from growth, health and reproduction.

This causes epigenetic changes. Our cells will change when resources are abundant or lacking.
It is up to each of us to decide whether to do physical harm to our bodies by ignoring our emotions, or whether to grow in a healthy and joyful manner by paying attention to them.

Vibrationally Align your Frequency and Allow Effortless Growth
Others will seldom change for your benefit, so if you are not happy, it is up to you to change your frequency. Your boss in this economy is not going to be talked into giving you more money so that you can go to the training you desire, and he's probably got more on his mind than your interest in your job.

So, what is it we can do?
Every desire has a vibrational match to our non-physical Inner self. Pain or suffering occurs when our Inner and physical self are not aligned. Wait. No cure is possible while your alignment is off. Becoming active right away will probably result in a lot of effort paddling against the current. Wait and ask your Inner Self for direction.

The best way to realign is to ask your Inner Self for help because your Inner Self, your non-physical self can already see the best outcome. Your Inner Being focuses on the answer, and becomes the answer vibrationally or energetically. You simply need to find that vibrational match. You will know you're there when you're feeling happy and inspired. This is when your Inner Self will allow your manifested desires to enter your life.


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